The Age of Love parties are a true success story. They started 5 years ago in the Charlatan in Ghent and feature a musical trip through our electronic past with the best classics and old skool sounds.


Age of Love remains the biggest retro success story in the country. Even after 9 years of existence we sell out time after time and since summer 2014 we hosted our own stage on Tomorrowland. On each Age of Love event the glorious days of Belgium's rich electronic history and the high nights of the Belgian clubs are relived.

Age of Love features the best tracks of the nineties and this in a setting that completely restores the atmosphere of those magical times: dancers, lasers, gadgets and more bring the public back to the time when we all partied for days on end. While doing so, Age of Love not only attracts those people that were there back in the days but also the new generations who discover and fall in love with the music that's at the basis of today's electronic scene, for the first time.

Together we all create the early atmosphere of love, late night dancing and beautiful house music. We do it to the best classics around, brought by international guests and the best Belgian dj's from the biggest clubs that were around.


Hall of Fame

AIRWAVE (Fire & Ice, Innerspace), BRUNO SANCHIONI (BBE, Plexus, The Age Of Love), CARAT TRAX LIVE (The Message, ), CESAR DE MELERO (Privilege / IBZ), CHICANE (Saltwater, Offshore, UK), CJ BOLLAND (R&S Records), COSMO (Extreme, Carat), CP (Bedrock Records), DA HOOL (Meet Her At The Love Parade, DE), DAVE LAMBERT (Zillion, Le Beau Zoo), DAVE SWAYZE (Goldwave, Diki Records), DELERIUM (Silence, Innocence, CA), DIKKE RONNY (Anciene Belgique), DJ GHOST (Cherry Moon, Bonzai Music), DJ PIPPI, DJ PHILIP (La Rocca, Ilussion), DJ PRINZ (Café D'anvers), ERIC B (Boccaccio, Balmoral), ERIK DE KONING (Three Drives On A Vinyl), FRANK DE WULF (B-Sides), FRANKY JONES (Montini, Carat), FRED NASEN (Balmoral, At The Villa), FUTURE BREEZE (Why Don't Your Dance, DE), GEORGE'S (La Bush, Pulse Factory), GREEN VELVET (Flash, Destination Unknown, US), HENK (Balmoral, Boccaccio), JAN VAN BIESEN (Fill Colllins, La Rocca), JAM EL MAR (Jam & Spoon), JAYDEE (Plastic Dreams, R&S, NL), JEAN DELARU (Carat, Illusion), JOE T. VANNELLI (Play With The Voice, ITA), JOEY BELTRAM (Energy Flash, R&S, UK), JOHAN (At the Villa, H2O), JOZEF DEVILLé, KEN ISHII (70 Drums, Acid, JAP), KEVIN SAUNDERSON (US), LAURENT TOP (La Bush, H2O), LAURENT WARIN (At the Villa, Boccaccio), LADY LINN (The Age Of Love Anthem 2015), LAMBDA (Hold On Tight, Alphabate City, NL), LIL LOUIS (French Kiss, US), MARCO BAILEY (MB Elektronics), MARKO (La Rocca, Extreme, At The Villa), MARUSHA (Mayday, Love Parade, DE), MIKE THOMPSON (Cherry Moon, Boccaccio), M.I.K.E. / PUSH (Universal Nation, Bonzai Music), MIRO (Spaceman, Hooj Choons, DK), MO & BENOELIE (Eskimo, Retro Acid), MR. SAM (Red/Yellow Screen, Human Angels), NALIN & KANE (Beachball, Open Your Eyes, DE), NIELS VAN GOGH (Pulvertum, DE), OLIVIER ABBELOOS (Aka T99, La Rocca), OLIVER LIEB (Lsg, Paragliders, The Ambush, DE), OLIVIER PIETERS (Boccaccio, Ckomilfoo), PHILIPPE TRAIKOS (Balmoral, Cheops), PHI PHI (Extreme, At the Villa, Boccaccio), PHIL WATTS (Boccaccio), PRAGA KHAN (Lords Of Acid), PUSH LIVE (Universal Nation), QUINCY (Extreme, Soul Phonic, Age of Love), RANK 1 (NL), RED D (We play House, Age of Love), RON TRENT (Altered States, US), SOUL PHONIC (Extreme, Age of Love), SPACID (Kozzmozz, Retro Acid), STEVE COP (Fuse, Café d'Anvers), SVEN VAN HEES (Liaison dangereuses, Café d'Anvers), SYSTEMATIC PARTS (Violent De La Nuit), THE DOMINATORS (Jan Van Biesen & T-Quest), THE FLY (Bonzai Music, Cherry Moon, Extreme), THE MACKENZIE (Heaven beats), TOFKE (La Rocca, Globe), VINCE NOVA (Kings Club), XAVIER LEMAN (Diki Records), YOURI PARKER (Cherry Moon), ZOLEX (Carat, Extreme, Globe), ZZINO (Montini, Reload)


Nasty Mondays bvba - Blazoenstraat 34C, 9000 Gent - BE 0818.226.177
Muziekcafé Charlatan - Vlasmarkt 6, 9000 Gent - BE 0885.990.575

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